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What are the limitations of a Toronto private investigator?

Private investigators seem very cool in this age of Netflix, you all seem to notice that a detective does cool things. You must have seen that a Toronto private investigator does everything that the police can, but that is not the case, there are many limitations that a Toronto private investigator can face. They have many different legal abilities than police. Here is something that Toronto private investigator May not be able to carry out.

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  1. The Toronto private investigator cannot record phone calls without getting permission

There are different laws to be followed in different parts of the state. In Toronto, one person must be aware the call is being recorded, but in other parts, both the parties must be knowing that the call is being recorded. So, a Toronto private investigator cannot bug phones without permission. It can be considered a criminal offense to record or listen to private conversations unless everyone consents it.

  1. No permission to arrest people

A private investigator can track down a missing person, survey a person. But they are not legally allowed to arrest a person unless they witness the crime right in front of their eyes. They can arrest the person red-handed, or else, they cannot make an arrest. The private detectives can follow a person, mostly in cases to catch hold of a cheating spouse, but they cannot trespass in a private property. Also, they are allowed to take photos of someone only from the street, as it is a public property.

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  1. Hacking into a personal computer, a Facebook account. 

Legally, they are not allowed to hack, into phones or computers but they can manipulate and trick people into getting access to their passwords. Also, the Toronto private investigator can get the bank account details if they want to, but in some cases obtaining that becomes very difficult.

  1. No permission on trespassing a private property

Though they cannot enter your property illegally they might be able to do it legally in many cases. They are smart enough to enter your property and take their required information, they are clever enough and leave without breaking a single law.

  1. Obtaining travel information

If a Toronto private investigator tracks your movement or follows you he will be able to track you down. Hotel reservation, flight tickets may be tracked by them, but most companies don’t give out the information freely, but legally you can get the details of a hotel or flight reservation. Also, they cannot get your medical information, they have the power to manipulate you into getting the records. With a good research skill, most of the Toronto private investigator obtains information online.

  1. They cannot pose as police or any Law Enforcement

Most Toronto private investigators have experience in law enforcement as they are retired. But any private investigator should not identify himself as police or even misuse the uniform.

Before hiring A Toronto private investigator, you must make sure that he must have a license. PI is mostly there to solve your problem and help you out, so you must cooperate.